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Design an App. Re-Build a Business. Create your Vision.


Application Design

The era of learning a multitude of coding languages is over. Low-code no-code solutions are the answer.

IDQ has worked with every tech stack and language - and we've built systems integrations since 2003 - 

Whether you're looking for a fast POC to get funding or need to take your idea all the way to an MVP?  We can architect wireframes or just make your idea real.

Re-Build a Business

Working through 7 Key Areas of your Organizational structure and strategy - IDQs team of Transformation Consultants offers customized roadmaps, workshops and ongoing coaching to audit your existing standardized operating procedures and drive your management staff to internalize key innovation practices. ​

Innovation Coaching: Effective leaders are reflective leaders. Most of your leadership team has likely been through many training sessions and at this point they tend to check out the minute they hear the word "leadership coaching." IDQ focuses on neuroscience-based behavioural analysis analyzing the specifics of what is driving your leadership team today and how to build innovation into their leadership approach.

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