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During Covid-19, and beyond, businesses need to ensure continuity. How can they maintain operations during a pandemic? Whom should own design and structure of a re-opening strategy? What is needed in a continuity plan to ensure compliance? 

- Efficacy and Accuracy Analysis: Methodology & requisite certifications - IDQ vets all partners for procurement, working only with direct manufacturers

- Manufacturers must all meet ISO-certification standards for production facilities. IDQ provides advisory services for global relationships within LATAM, EU, North America, and APAC. Clients are provided direct access to manufacturers with FDA EUA approvals in place.

- Source: where is equipment and product coming from? Was it obtained in a compliant manner? Organizations face untold levels of fraud and escrow complications - as well as production line channels. IDQ manages the end-to-end process of procurement protecting clients from both fraud and delay in delivery. We source, transport, and customs clear all medical supplies, in-house.

- Procurement Infrastructure: Drafting Letters of intent, Proof of Urgency, escrow terms and associated documents to expedite sources is crucial. How can organizations protect themselves from liability associated with purchasing equipment to see them through crisis? Contact us today to find out about our GPS-tracking services for PPE supplies.

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