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What Clients Say

Kiran Sagoo
Program Lead

"ID Quotient has an uncanny ability to break down the barriers of technology language and allow everyday small business owners to understand the benefits and challenges of digital transformation on their businesses. Their expertise and thoughtful delivery of complex topics have been invaluable for our clients."
Kavita Suri
InfuseMed Spa
"I developed a unique beauty product that needed some direction on naming and patent compliance with Health Canada. 

I successfully launched InfuseDerm Brightening Bar in June of 2022, following the sound and precise advice from IDQ. I would seek out their compliance advisory again as my experience was very uplifting and positive!"

Dawn Burgoyne 
Director of Operations
Vantage LTD

"IDQ provided us with valuable data resulting from a thorough tech and digital audit service, resulting in enhanced systems performance and increased team synergy.

Consultations and design services were also utilized to assist in building an enhanced website for our agency. IDQ's expertise and knowledge helped transform our digital footprint!"

Some Of Our Clients

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