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Buyers and suppliers alike are beyond frustrated with the supply chain in the face of Covid-19. Aside from the sheer limitations of transport - the biggest frustration possibly comes from individuals with no experience in Shipping or Logistics encouraging the proliferation of misinformation. Buyers are being given completely unrealistic timelines - told they can receive millions of boxes of medical supplies from APAC within 48-72 hours.

The frustration across the Cargo industry is palpable. Being able to share with clients honest and realistic timelines is essential to supporting the essential services space - when buyers are given impossible timelines they plan according to these timelines. The implications of planning for product that won't show up for ostensibly another week are dangerous.

A good example is the frequent fraud of on the ground product - which is really product that has yet to be made. A C-17 Globemaster III plane is a military cargo plane which can hold millions of boxes - there are less than 300 that were ever built and the flyaway cost is $218million USD. A 747 plane can only hold 170,000 boxes of nitrile gloves. All these metrics are part of an effective air transport plan - and a responsible Shipping & Logistics Provider will be transparent with clients.

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