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Rule of 3


If you can't explain the solution in 3 sentences?

You've overcomplicated the answer AND you can't solve the problem.

a result obtained by dividing one quantity by another

Finding Intersections

Companies always have cool origin stories. Ours starts out in a lab...but there aren't any radioactive spiders.

Our story started out with a neuroscientist trying to figure out how to make the human brain function better! Our Founder, Sarah, founded ID Quotient in 2010 when she grew impatient with frameworks and fancy slide decks as a way to solve business problems.

Seeking ways to build integrations, design applications, and architect strategy without the fluff of unlimited slideware she began looking for ways to conduct fast IT audits that yielded tangible outcomes for clients. That led her to application architecture and UX design....and then wireframing.

Intellect. Insights. Integrity.

That is the very simple motto of IDQ. 


What do we do?

Fractional CIO and CTO Advisory

Systems Integration and Application Development

Neuroscience-based Risk Models & AI Strategy

Futurist & Technology Workshops

That's it. 

We see value in partnership - so we have our leadership involved in CivicAction in Toronto, Women's Infrastructure Network, startup advisory, University of Toronto, University of Calgary, TED, and ELEVATE.

Intelligence is based on multiple spectrums - why shouldn't consulting be? IDQ leverages key neuro-scientific principles and UI/UX design to drive no-nonsense IT implementation, brass tacks strategy insights, and application design in line with realistic CAPEX.

IDQ works with: banks, insurance companies, healthcare, government, lottery & gaming, retail, telco....we've always been cross-sector and we always will be.

Innovation is a nice word - but it doesn't mean much without a solid digital audit, implementation plan, simple strategy for adoption and the right tech vendors. We are anti-legacy and anti-bureaucracy - we aim to finish projects as fast as possible without layering in unnecessary "billable hours." 

We're Consultants who have been in senior leadership at the world's biggest global consulting and audit firms.....we've learned and we've evolved, and we're here to create the next iteration of your products, services, or entire company.


We look forward to connecting with you on all our social platforms.

TWITTER: @IDQConsulting

INSTAGRAM: @idquotient


Toronto, Ontario
Dallas, Texas
Bayshore, New York

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